We do more than just dog washing!

Doggy Daydreamz also offers dog walking, pet sitting, and dog training services! Give us a call or click here for more details: www.doggydaydreamz.com


What some of our clients have to say.

These are testimonials of dog walking, pet sitting, and training clients:

Just can’t say how much I appreciated what you did last night, coming out in the night to check on my McCoy. I am absolutely trapped when I work on the unit and cannot leave and to know that someone cares so much for my dog that they would come out and check on him and then come again and let me know that he was back to his old self just made my night! I was so lucky to have found you (and so was McCoy!!). You truly understand what it is like to have an old dog that you worry about, just like a child! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the best!!

- Janet H

Doggy Daydreamz has been very accomodating and their prices are fair. They treat Nalu like their own when they come and visit. They were very helpful when Nalu had a sore. They gave her extra attention and care during that time which you won't get anywhere else. I liked how Heather was able to understand Nalu when I trained with her. Other places pegged Nalu as being aggressive, Heather was able to see that she just wants to play.

-Philip M

Bear had been found as a stray. He is all Lab with all their affectionate, crazy, and wild Lab behavior. I thought that I would be able to train him myself. It soon became apparent that I needed help. My son heard about Heather and DoggyDaydreamz so I contacted her. I wanted her to teach me how to train him and that is what she did. We practiced what she taught us during the week. Heather sent follow up instructions after every training session. Her positive approach made training so easy.

-Lou P

Doggy Daydreamz has been such a pleasure to work with. They are so reliable which provides me with a peace of mind. And Bailey loves her walks & her play time.

-Robin L

My dogs did great in Heathers group class and I’ve continued doing private training to work on other issues my dogs have. I’m very satisfied with their progress. I would highly recommend Heather and DoggyDaydreamz for obedience training.

- Sue C