Does your dog need a professional hair cut?

Call and schedule an appointment today for your dog to be professionally groomed and pampered. 

The Professional Touch

We will pamper your pet and provide them with the care and compassion they deserve.

Grooming package includes:
Bathing with premium shampoo
Hand blow dried
Facial scrub
Nail trimming
Ear cleaning
Pads, face, and tail trim
Breed specific cut

Bath only:
Well, that sounds pretty much self explanatory, but don't be fooled. All of our bath dogs get their nails trimmed and ears cleaned. They also will get a light brush out as most people who request a bath are short-hairs dogs with not much need of a brushing. Most people booking a bath are people with boxers, bulldogs, pitbulls, and some lighter coated shepherds. If you need any real trimming or heavy de-shedding, you may fall into the Full Grooming category, so check with us so we can be sure to schedule you properly.

Nails only:
OK this one is self explanatory for sure. No need to book ahead, but if you can, give us a call a few hours ahead so we know to expect you.

Only The Best For Your Dog
You can be sure you're getting the best products when you come to us. We don't skimp on anything. Our professionals are experienced, caring, and patient with dogs of all breeds and ages, from puppies to seniors.

All Breeds, All Ages, All Sizes
No matter the breed, age, or size of your cherished dog, we have the right grooming products and equipment to make your four-legged friend look and feel their best. From puppies to older dogs, they'll feel right at home in our open, relaxing shop.

Pricing is based on breed.  Please call for more information.