Welcome to the Dog Wash!

No more bending over the bath tub, no more chasing the dog around the yard with a hose, no more sore back, no more messy towels and tubs to clean because we do it for you!

State-of-the-art Washing Stations
Shampoo & Towels Provided


How does a self service dog wash work?

We provide everything you need for you to wash your pet: waist high bath tubs, salon quality shampoo, towels, professional dryers, waterproof apron, nail clippers, and cologne. The best part: We clean up the mess and you don’t have a sore back. No appointment necessary.

Don’t want to wash your own pup?  We will do it for you!
We will wash, blow dry and brush out your dog. We wipe clean the ears, eyes, and trim or grind the nails. We finish with a spritz of cologne;)  Please call to schedule an appointment.

Just because our sign says dog wash, we have been known to have visits from goats, pigs, and other furry pets who need a bath!